Shelby Eicher | Isaac Eicher | Nathan Eicher | Ivan Peña

Mischievous Swing


Mischievous Swing is a driving quartet that specializes in bringing Jazz to an acoustic context. Rooted in tradition, but also deeply committed to innovation, Mischievous Swing provides a refreshing voice in both Jazz and Acoustic genres. Covering the rich scope of


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Jazz, the band's music invites the listener to take a journey as they experience the rhythms of Latin America, the sounds of French cafes and Gypsy camps, and the swing of

Jazz Clubs in New York, Chicago or Kansas City. Whether they are performing classic jazz standards or original compositions, Mischievous Swing is sure to get your foot tappin'. Bound together by family and deep musical friendship, Mischievous Swing is a tight band that celebrates the joy of making music.

Band members include: Isaac Eicher (mandolin), known nationally for his prowess in mandolin contests, combines the technical precision of artists like Chris Thile with the harmonic ideas of musicians like George Benson, Stochelo Rosenberg and Oscar Peterson. Shelby Eicher (violin), a professional musician for over 30 years, has worked with numerous national artists including J.J Cale, Bruce Forman/Cowbop, and Roy Clark (band member 15 years). Shelby evokes a Hot Solo style Jazz of artists like Stephane Grappelli and Benny Goodman with the melodic phrasing of Jazz's best vocalists. Ivan Peña (guitar), has intensely studied the gypsy style of Jazz, mastering its virtuosic technical demands and its unique character. Sharing his music throughout Oklahoma for many years, Ivan has gained a reputation as a breathtaking performer. Nathan Eicher (Bassist), has a masters degree from the University of Central Oklahoma in Jazz Studies. Nathan approaches the bass in a way that is both technically demanding and highly emotional, with a pulse that always grooves. Taken together, Mischievous Swing play music that is emotionally expressive, sophisticated and highly creative.

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