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1. Honeysuckle Rose (A. Razaf / F. Waller)

Warren Chappell Music Inc / Wixen Music ASCAP

2. Faux Nouveau (S. Eicher)

Ottokee Music BMI

3. Sing Al Fresco (S. Eicher)

Ottokee Music BMI

4. Take Five (P. Desmond)

Desmond Music Co. / Derry Music Co. BMI

5. Indiana (B. MacDonald / J. F. Hanley)

Shapiro Bernstein and Co. Inc.

6. Spain (C. Corea)

Universal Music Corp. BMI

7. You Know Dat's Right (S. Eicher)

Ottokee Music BMI

8. Valenciana (I. Eicher)

Ottokee Music BMI

9. Night In Paris (S. Eicher)

Ottokee Music BMI

10. Avalon (A. Jolson / B. DeSylva / V. Rose)

Public Domain

Musicians: Shelby Eicher, fiddle - Nathan Eicher, bass - Isaac Eicher, mandolin - Ivan Peña, guitar

Recorded at Hall Of Fame Studio in Neodesha, Kansas March 18, 2013. Engineered and mixed by Larry Brockway. Assistant engineer Russell Head and technical assistant Lee Edward Head.

Original art by Rebecca Mannschreck. Graphic Art by Lauren Allen of See Horse Design. Thanks to Bill Hurtle, Debbie Scroggins and Phil Ward.

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